Sunday, April 06, 2008

Washer, dryer, concert, grandson.......

Update: The washer and dryer arrived on Monday morning and were installed and by the end of the day I had done three loads of wash.....swiftly and quietly....oh so nice!!!

It was a concert this weekend...not much for me to play and only in the second half. They used my keyboard (lovely deluxe Yamaha Clavinova which I don't use as much as I should) and it was transported to the concert venue by truck and we brought half of it home last night in our car. The other half (the base) is in my brother's car and he will deliver it tonite. It worked very well....using the Chapel organ setting. A note here: I didn't play it....another far more talented lady did the honours and did them well!! I maintained my position in the horn section!

We were doing the Requiem by Gabriel Faure (a gorgeous piece by the way) and it went well. It was an odd (instrumentation-wise) but superlative arrangement by John Rutter using only the lower strings ( 1 solo violin,violas, cellos and basses) 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 bassoons, tympani, harp and chapel organ. There were two soloists (soprano and tenor) and a largish choir. I had not played it before and had only heard parts of it, never the whole piece. The smaller orchestration was wonderful and the whole piece itself was just glorious. I intend to get a recording of it, hopefully with the same instrumentation. It's amazing how peaceful and calming it is just having the lower strings.

I have been doing little in my workshop, mostly in my mind, so I'm hoping this week will prove to be fruitful!! I've been trying to get organized, but then I thought just general organization is all I need, otherwise all my time is spent organizing and nothing in creating.....which I think I touched on in a previous post.

It was my grandson's 2nd birthday's hard to believe I have been a gram for 2 years already!! We will get to see him at the end of the month, which I am quite looking forward to. He's quite a sweetie-pie....a real charmer!!!

Well, I think that's it for to read for a bit!!