Thursday, August 21, 2008


It is my 60th birthday today.........ecstatic to have made it this far!!! :-)
Because of this auspicious event....I have been honoured, nay thrilled to have had visitors over the last weekend and a bit.
We were (at least I was!!) totally surprised when T&D showed up at 1am on Saturday morning to stay until Monday. What a treat!!! They have not been here since August 2006 just before they left for Massachusetts. It was a glorious weekend....full of good food, excellent conversation, good wine and in general just "hangin' out" stuff. Unfortunately, due to schedules, new jobs etc....J & C couldn't make the trip, but we were able to chat with them on the phone on Saturday.

The four of them gave me the "Jamie at Home" cookbook from Jamie Oliver and a new set of Heinkel knives....oh so sharp and easy to use!!! I also received some lovely goodies from D's mom and dad, totally tailored to my personality (they are beginning to know me so well :-)).

So, on Saturday, T found two scrumptious salad recipes in the new cookbook and proceeded to dazzle us with her culinary skills. Along with marinated lamb, beef, and chicken BBQ'd on skewers, it was all very tasty. We also indulged in champagne and blackberry liqueur and delish Desert Hills wine...Chardonnay and was superb!!!

On Sunday we headed down to LacLeJeune to swim in the lake and lie on the grass and in general just have a pickynick and relax in the sun (and shade). When we got back we all kind of vegged for a while, napping etc...and then headed out for a wonderful dinner at The Storm Restaurant on the river to celebrate T&D's 5th anniversary. They are just so cool together.....
After that it was back to the patio to drink more wine and talk some more. Our patio got used more this trip than ever and it was great. Our neighbours must have wondered what the gales of laughter were coming from our back yard at midnight.....

All in all, a perfect celebratory weekend.....

And then.....
On Tuesday, our old neighbours from Langley arrived on their way through to Saskatchewan and we spent the afternoon and evening together and they stayed overnight heading out Wednesday morning. Lots of use of the patio here as well. Our dinner was bbq'd pork loin chops (thick, lean, boneless) along with fresh made pesto.... my special recipe which I just make on the fly with basil from the garden (assorted varieties), garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, mizythra, and feta cheeses, and walnuts (I just couldn't find the pine nuts) and a dash of balsamic vinegar. I never use specific quantities, just all to taste, but it made quite a bit and was excellent with fusilli pasta.....and a mixed green salad with chopped cucumber and tomatoes on the side...using assorted organic dressings.
We then had a french white wine and a home made Shiraz and Cab Sauv. I think we finally hit the hay around 11:30.

So we have been taking things easy since then and tonite my DH is taking me out to an as-yet unknown restaurant for dinner for the birthday celebration. Exciting to say the least!!!

As I mentioned to seems that as we get closer to J & C's wedding our life seems to be getting busier and busier.....I can't imagine what their life is like....although they do give me updates fairly regularly. It's not that our lives are ACTUALLY just seems that way...probably because I'm living vicariously through them in their preparations.....

It will all come together on September 5th....I have faith !!

...and then it's off to Osoyoos to unwind for a week before the symphony season starts again.

For now's all about today!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loneliness...... this morning, I was feeling, for some reason, a little "off".
It occurred to me that the problem was that I was lonely.....
Now, I'm not one who usually admits to loneliness....or even actually feels lonely. I'm pretty good with my own company. I mean, give me a good book, computer, french horn, music, and a cup of tea and I'm good to go. was a surprise to me when it dawned on me that I was actually lonely this morning. I did mention to DH this morning that I found that August was going incredibly slowly.....dragging almost.
So I figured the reason for this attack of loneliness was as follows. At the particular moment I was feeling like this, everyone that is important in my life was away from me. DH was at work, my two brothers are away, one in Ireland until the 27th and one down on the coast until the 18th, both of my kids are on the coast, one on the island, one in Abbotsford and all my friends are down on the coast as well. We don't have a lot of...well actually we don't have ANY close friends in Kamloops.
Now I'm not whining....I mean, I talked to my daughter yesterday and my son on Sunday and of course DH has been home. It's just at this particular moment, I was feeling somewhat bereft.....
It will pass, as these things do....
In the meantime I will tackle the stove top (very messy..) and make a list of things I should do.....possibly do some gardening (although that's at the bottom of the list). That should keep me busy until it's time to go pick up DH and ....Lord be praised!! laptop from the computer store. It will all be good.....soon.
But.....August IS really going slowly....too much exciting stuff happening at the end I guess....hard to wait!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Cale!!! would have been Cale Caputo's birthday.....I know this because my son informed me of the fact last night. Who is Cale you ask (at least some of you, I'm sure)?

Cale was my son's best friend, future best man, and band mate and all round brilliant musician.
He died in a car accident on May 21st 2006 at age 21. Cale had become a part of our family, hanging out with Jared at our home in Langley, calling me "Mom", playing with our dog, helping us in our move to Kamloops....he was a regular participant in our life. The first time I heard him sing, I was entranced by the sweetness of his voice and when One Chord Struck was formed, I was totally blown away by their music. I always found it interesting having conversations with Cale on the phone about the state of the Vancouver rock music scene. His observations showed an insight and understanding well beyond his years. It was his life!!

It's always a tragedy when a young person dies, and even more so when it's sudden and unexpected. It took me a long time to come to terms with his loss and my son is still dealing with it in many ways. As it gets closer to his wedding, it becomes more apparent to him that something or more specifically someone will be missing. So, when J told me it was Cale's birthday and to say a prayer for him....I thought about this and decided that a blog about my vision of what Cale is doing now would be entirely appropriate, as my prayers tend to be rather disjointed and only for my ears. I do much better with a story line!! So listen up God!!

I believe that God saw Cale and his music and decided that when it was his time, he would put him in charge of the celestial youth "jazz" it up so to speak. He had an innate ability, call it talent, for writing beautiful and meaningful songs and poetry......something that I'm sure would do well in a heavenly setting.

So.....wherever you are Cale, happy birthday and I'm sure the angels are singing your music beautifully....with your voice first and foremost among them!! We miss you down here in "mortal land" but I am positive that you are still doing what you do best.....your music and just "being Cale"

Much love
Jared's Mom