Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Day...another wasted day....

I'm just not sure what's wrong with me. I'm sleeping ok, (for me) but I just cannot get it together to get anything accomplished during the day. All I want to do is sleep and read and wander around the house. I have a roomful of pictures to sort, an art journal to update....and nothing....NOTHING gets done.
I went outside to help DH weed today in the front, and spent the time sitting on the lawn.
I spent some time downstairs but on my laptop intending to do some updating and .....nothing....I played Poppit.
My life is passing me by and I can't stop it.
I hope it will get better soon.....


Saturday, June 23, 2007

To Market ..to Market ..to buy a fat......LIP????

So we went to the market this morning....lots of good stuff.
Veggies are out now and still a smattering of plants as well as strawberries and cherries.
However.....we found a place that was selling peppers, tomatoes (all different kinds) and cukes. It appears it is a greenhouse that uses biological pest control....thereby no sprays...which is a good thing.
The seller said to us, as I was picking the peppers I wanted..."Those look like a pair of lips" So we took that to heart and voila!!!


Then there's the pic of our basket of goodies that we bought.....and no..that's not a fish...it's a cucumber covered in plastic....and the little tootsie roll on top of the honey is a doggie treat for Chauncey. There is a lady there that sells home made doggie treats of all kinds so we always gets a bakers dozen for him...he loves them!!

...and finally...as an extra....a picture of a hens and chicks plant on my patio that ..it seems...is due to flower soon. It's the first time I've ever had one of these plants get to that stage .....I'm quite pleased!!

So...all in all a pretty good morning....we actually managed to get up early enough to do the market thing. After the market we went over to Art Knapps and got some chives and seeds for 30% off....AND...we were allowed to take Chauncey into the store and the greenhouse with us. How cool was that!! A lady had a Siamese cat with her as well.....needless to say we made a quick detour to the seed stands until she was through the till and out the door. Chauncey was just a tad too curious!!

Just a little note here...I am contemplating setting up a photo and art blog....still thinking about it...but I'll post it here when I do...


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Thoughts......

So...it's been a while.
Throughout that "while" I have had several topics flow through my mind for blogs.
However, I can't remember many of them now. So I think it will be ....thoughts as they occur.
  • Our marriage turned 30 on Monday. Our "friends" didn't think it would last 6 months when we got married.....not sure what they were thinkin'...it took us two years to decide to get married....so we'd better make it work!! My DH's version of our marriage..."It's had it's ups and downs". Not the marriage per say....but life in general in that time period....but then...doesn't every life?? My assessment.....my love, my life....I couldn't have functioned without him. He may not say a lot....but he has ALWAYS been there for me when I needed him. I am tough to live with and he does it admirably!!
  • I noticed tonite that whenever I stress about something....I tend to want to retreat to childish things....simple books, easy games, things that don't require my mind to concentrate....and they make me happy. I was playing a game on the computer called Poppit, where you pop balloons with prezzies in them...and the prezzies are stuffed toys (I think) and they float down to the bottom of the board and sit there in a nice little line. If you don't make it through the round ....all the toys disappear and you have to start over. I felt a touch of sadness as the little toy icons flew into oblivion to make room for the new balloon board. When I actually finish one level....I sit and look at the toys for a minute before I blast them away for the next level. Sigh....so cuddly and non-threatening.....ok I know that's all very weird, but it's an outlet ok????
  • I have a new art project that I'm contemplating. A mixture of art journalling, collage and maybe a little polymer clay. I have been perusing blogs and sites of various and sundry artists and gathering information and inspiration. So the other day, I thought I would sit down and try to put something together. It's like I have a lock on the door of my creative mind. I see all these things I want to do, yet I cannot transfer the ideas outside my head. So......to while away the time, I am teaching myself to draw...after a fashion. I'm hoping that with a little exploring and experimenting I will find the way to unlock the door and fill pages with much creative drivel, which hopefully will turn into something meaningful at some point. I'll keep you posted.
  • We have been sorting through my family history...in letters, photos, newspaper clippings and albums. It started when we decided to go to an 80th birthday party for my cousin....and were asked to bring pictures etc that we might have from his past. I have lots of pictures and I think I have a letter or too as well. However, in doing this, we've also come across lots of other family stuff and that's only two boxes.....there are three or four more to go. I came across a lovely photo album that my father made while he was stationed in Newfoundland during WWII. It was with the old fashioned black pages and the little corner stickers...but he had illustrated and embellished it with white ink. It was just wonderful. I really didn't know he was such an artist....but then I'm not surprised, considering his sisters and mother were artists of varying types....all good. He also wrote little blurbs about the pictures as well as labelled them all. I'm not sure who they all are....but they are definitely a part of history. His history and Canadian history
  • We have recently also gone back over the genealogy of our family and reread some of the information given to us by my cousin in England from his research. It seems that we are well and truly from Irish stock which pleases me no end. The roots of our family go back centuries to the pagan chieftan's of Ireland.....a proud heritage to be sure. There is still more to be researched but I think that's to be left until we actually get to Ireland.......a wish of mine yet to be fulfilled.
I think that's it for now....life continues on apace with new things every day. I'll try not to leave it so long for the next post. In the meantime......