Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Freedom ......and witterings.... was a banner day....
After being housebound for a week and a half.....I finally went out!!
Yayyy!!! get some more cold medicine and groceries and library books.... see.....I may be on the tail end of this NASTY cold/flu bug....but
DH is right in the middle of it!!

I so need this all to be over by February 13th....because I have heard that flying with a headful of "ick" is a most painful experience......and of course we have things to do.....a "list" of things to do before we go.

The upside of all of this is...I have lost 5 pounds. One can only hope that it will stay off.
I rather stumbled upon a solution to the "weight" problem. .....let my husband do the cooking.
You see I do the "mothering" type of cooking.....good, tasty food and lots of it.
He has the "don't overdo it" attitude to cooking dinners...single tasty portions least I think they're tasty. Due to this D'd virus I have no smell or taste. It looks good and fills the stomach, so I can only assume it tastes as good as it looks. I am very much a visual person :-)
In any case, it works for the weight loss....we will see if that continues....although I'm doing the cooking tonite, being the least ill of the two of us! Chicken burgers here I come!!!!! *snirt!!*

So the agenda for the next week is to GET HEALTHY, lose another five pounds (I don't THINK so), get organized and prepare for a bit of a working holiday. Exciting hey???? I am SO looking forward to this trip mostly because Stella and Bastet will be coming home with us and secondly we will hopefully be able see a little bit of New England in the process.....oh....and I forgot.....we get to experience TRADER JOE'S.....Woohoo!!!!! I have to get the chicken burgers out of the freezer......;-)


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Doggy Funk....

So our little Bichon is in a bit of a funk. We're not sure why. He gets this way now and then where he just drops his tail to "drag" position, doesn't eat (snacks or otherwise) and needs cuddles or goes into a corner by himself to mope.
He seemed fine this morning, but something has niggled him and so he's gone into a funk.

The cure for this is usually a walk with DH......which is what will probably happen this morning.
The scents around the neighbourhood get him into "move ahead" mode and when he returns his tail will be up and curled again and he will head to his pillow to munch on his morning snack.

Whatta dog!!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Muddled and Settled.....

I have not posted for some time.....

I'm excited about my daughter returning and happy that my son-in-law returned safely

My life right now is a mixture of reading many books, organizing my workshop and talking to Stella and J'lil bro. .....and feeling the growing anticipation of our trip eastward to Massachusetts.....and lying awake at night going over everything in my head.

I'm presently fighting some kind of respiratory thing...probably a cold that can't get attached (yay Vitamin C!!) and so I rest....for now.

I really want to post something profound.....but my mind just isn't working that way.
Let's just say that...despite the muddled state of mind and current events.....I feel more settled than I have in a long time.

Life is good!! (Cough Cough!!)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I was so pleased.....I managed 5 nights of good solid deep sleep.....I had hoped it would continue....
But...alas it is not to be.
It is presently 4:25 am and I have been up all night....
However, as is my habit, I will think positively of the new day ahead, try to get at least one thing done and of course there is always....NAPS!!

What WOULD I do without naps.....they are the glue that keeps my life together....

I rarely nap in the bed (only if I'm REALLY tired)....usually on the couch, or sitting up in a chair watching TV or looking out the window and sometimes even in front of my laptop, or on the couch beside my laptop, which I might add, I put there for that very purpose!! I nap in the tub and I even have been known to nap at the dining room table whilst reading after lunch. I seem to have the ability to close my eyes and drift off without any problem if I'm tired. It's a handy trick, especially on road trips.....put sun glasses on and no one knows your eyes are closed....(and no I'm NOT driving!!;-))

So I was interested on how the word nap originated....(I think of these things when I can't sleep...)
and I came up with the following......

nap. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved January 03, 2007, from website:

[Middle English, from nappen, to doze, from Old English hnappian.]

nap'per n.
Word History: The famous verse 4 of Psalm 121, rendered in the King James Version as "Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep," is rendered in a Middle English translation as "Loo, ha shal not nappen ne slepen that kepeth ireal." The word nappen is indeed the Middle English ancestor of our word nap. Lest it be thought undignified to say that God could nap, it must be realized that our word nap was at one time not associated only with the younger and older members of society nor simply with short periods of rest. The ancestors of our word, Old English hnappian and its descendant, Middle English nappen, could both refer to prolonged periods of sleep as well as short ones and also, as in the quotation from Psalm 121, to sleepiness. But these senses have been lost. Since the word has become less dignified, we would not find nap used in a modern translation of Psalm 121.

....all I can say is....who knew?????

On that bed!!!