Monday, January 25, 2010

Reflections on the new year....

Recently I went back over my blog posts since I started this blog and it was quite illuminating. There were days when I was up and full of insights into life in general and in particular my life. Solutions abounded and resolutions were made....
There were also days when I just wrote up anything that twigged my interest, usually about things and people around me and the events that surrounded them.
There were also posts that reflected my grief and sadness about the losses in my life.
I did notice that I had occasionally written about the same thing twice and also, the good intentions of plans I had made did not always follow through....something that doesn't surprise me.
My writing skills varied from brilliant to some downright indulgent and tacky prose. I think it all depended upon my state of mind and whether I was sleep deprived!!

In any case all of this is by way of an introduction to another blog post. I haven't posted since before Christmas and as usual I am in a state of flux. I have so many plans for this year, and I am trying to be optomistic about my chances of following through on them.
I need to continue the downward journey of my weight, mostly for the benefit of my legs...they are so giving me gip these days. It will be a challenge to sure.
In the same vein as the previous "I need", I need to develop a more realistic approach to weightloss. I thought I had done so, but subsequent months of indiscriminate eating has proven me wrong. The lack of control is still there and needs to be dealt with in some way. *BIG SIGH* (It occurs to me that this may prove to be a good topic for a blog post at some future date....a little more in depth about weight loss generally....hmmmm)
I want to start an Art Blog....showcasing and talking about my various and sundry art projects, successes and failures!!
I also want to set up an ArtFire shop online to sell some of my work
I want to explore further my writing abilities, both in adult and children's fiction. I have several books to read on writing (mostly as a guide)
I want to take more time (even more than I do now) to read without guilt. My library is building and needs to be read....:-)
I want to reorganize my workspace to be more conducive to creating and in doing so, stimulate my creative abilities to "create" my workspace.....:-)
I also have a list of people that have emailed me nice newsy emails and I have yet to respond.....I need to do that soon. I also have a few snail mail letters to write too.

So as you can see, there are many "I" things to do.

An attitude change here might be beneficial as well. Less worry, a little more laissez-faire ( “Let (people) do (as they choose).”) and in general just getting on with the business of living a good, healthy and productive life on my own terms. I am allowed to do this am I not...??
Sounds good if I can just make it work.