Wednesday, July 30, 2008

another milestone.......

A short post today.....just to celebrate achieving yet another goal in this challenge of revamping my lifestyle...(note I DO NOT say losing weight.....that is a phrase that is only used in passing in my a result of the lifestyle change) I will not give facts and figures....suffice to say that I am now over 30lbs down, feeling relatively good and eating very diet foods in my world.....a few low fat in dairy...and low sodium in broth....but other than that I love my food. Just not a lot of it!!

I have discovered foam belts and barbells at the pool and am having a wonderful time figuring out new exercises to do with them. It's funny though....I use the belt around me (basically to make it easier to keep the extremities moving without sinking) for the first part of my swim....and then I take it off to just do my normal swim. One doesn't realize how much the belt keeps you afloat...'cause when you take it off, you sink like stone if you're not careful!!! It's funny...I end up doing my laps a lot lower in the pool than when I start....:-) It's fun though.....I am managing 40-50 minutes three times a week.

So that's it....I had lamb tonite....nothing fancy...just marinated and baked and served with veggies and Italian Bread.....but it tasted so good. The two glasses of red wine helped as well....
Life is getting better.....definitely!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm baaack!!

A number of things have happened or at least have occurred in my life. First of all, I'm close to 30 lbs lighter....and actually enjoying the regularly swimming etc. I have done some gardening, planting, weeding etc....and my energy level seems to be increasing. I still have pain...and I am still keeping track of my food intake and will for the next 100 lbs, but all in all it's a positive change.

I am in the process of backing up and eventually re-formatting my lap top. This, to some people would be a ho-hum no big deal event. However, for me, it is yet another step in my learning to master the eccentricities of the said laptop. It has been snoringly slow and getting more so in the last little while, so when I asked London Drugs about adding RAM, (more moving around space for those of us who are not overly computer literate), he suggested that I reformat the computer first. Now when you reformat you basically re-install Windows and other stuff and in the process it gets rid of the stuff that's on your computer. So.....the magic work "back-up" appears and I found out that Microsoft has a wondrous "back-up wizard" and I'm all for anything that's a "wizard". So I downloaded it and am finding it somewhat confusing, but it has caused me to go through and uninstall a lot of peripheral programs that I wasn't using. That was mainly because the first time I started to back up, it said it would take 4 hours or more. Anyways, to make a long story short, I have backed up my email and browzer profiles (using yet another downloaded Mozilla backup program) and now I have to tackle the rest. I have decided this is multi-part a definitely WOOHOO!! will be heard when it's all done.

The last thing that I have achieved is to have a private blog set up for ladies in their fifties, heading towards their sixties or actually in their sixties. I was finding that there were issues that I had to deal with when entering this age group and it occurred to me that others might also have to deal with....and talking about it (albeit in typewritten form) is sometimes helpful. So far we only have two team members and hopefully more will want to join us. I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of how a team blog works....but so far, I believe I have to invite people to be's a work in progress. If anyone reading THIS blog, knows of someone who might want to become part of the other blog "Moving on Up" as it's called, please let me know.

For now though, I have some interesting reading to do, a laptop to address, and a DH to pickup from work....eventually.