Wednesday, July 30, 2008

another milestone.......

A short post today.....just to celebrate achieving yet another goal in this challenge of revamping my lifestyle...(note I DO NOT say losing weight.....that is a phrase that is only used in passing in my a result of the lifestyle change) I will not give facts and figures....suffice to say that I am now over 30lbs down, feeling relatively good and eating very diet foods in my world.....a few low fat in dairy...and low sodium in broth....but other than that I love my food. Just not a lot of it!!

I have discovered foam belts and barbells at the pool and am having a wonderful time figuring out new exercises to do with them. It's funny though....I use the belt around me (basically to make it easier to keep the extremities moving without sinking) for the first part of my swim....and then I take it off to just do my normal swim. One doesn't realize how much the belt keeps you afloat...'cause when you take it off, you sink like stone if you're not careful!!! It's funny...I end up doing my laps a lot lower in the pool than when I start....:-) It's fun though.....I am managing 40-50 minutes three times a week.

So that's it....I had lamb tonite....nothing fancy...just marinated and baked and served with veggies and Italian Bread.....but it tasted so good. The two glasses of red wine helped as well....
Life is getting better.....definitely!!


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