Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Cale!!! would have been Cale Caputo's birthday.....I know this because my son informed me of the fact last night. Who is Cale you ask (at least some of you, I'm sure)?

Cale was my son's best friend, future best man, and band mate and all round brilliant musician.
He died in a car accident on May 21st 2006 at age 21. Cale had become a part of our family, hanging out with Jared at our home in Langley, calling me "Mom", playing with our dog, helping us in our move to Kamloops....he was a regular participant in our life. The first time I heard him sing, I was entranced by the sweetness of his voice and when One Chord Struck was formed, I was totally blown away by their music. I always found it interesting having conversations with Cale on the phone about the state of the Vancouver rock music scene. His observations showed an insight and understanding well beyond his years. It was his life!!

It's always a tragedy when a young person dies, and even more so when it's sudden and unexpected. It took me a long time to come to terms with his loss and my son is still dealing with it in many ways. As it gets closer to his wedding, it becomes more apparent to him that something or more specifically someone will be missing. So, when J told me it was Cale's birthday and to say a prayer for him....I thought about this and decided that a blog about my vision of what Cale is doing now would be entirely appropriate, as my prayers tend to be rather disjointed and only for my ears. I do much better with a story line!! So listen up God!!

I believe that God saw Cale and his music and decided that when it was his time, he would put him in charge of the celestial youth "jazz" it up so to speak. He had an innate ability, call it talent, for writing beautiful and meaningful songs and poetry......something that I'm sure would do well in a heavenly setting.

So.....wherever you are Cale, happy birthday and I'm sure the angels are singing your music beautifully....with your voice first and foremost among them!! We miss you down here in "mortal land" but I am positive that you are still doing what you do best.....your music and just "being Cale"

Much love
Jared's Mom

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