Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Freedom ......and witterings.... was a banner day....
After being housebound for a week and a half.....I finally went out!!
Yayyy!!! get some more cold medicine and groceries and library books.... see.....I may be on the tail end of this NASTY cold/flu bug....but
DH is right in the middle of it!!

I so need this all to be over by February 13th....because I have heard that flying with a headful of "ick" is a most painful experience......and of course we have things to do.....a "list" of things to do before we go.

The upside of all of this is...I have lost 5 pounds. One can only hope that it will stay off.
I rather stumbled upon a solution to the "weight" problem. .....let my husband do the cooking.
You see I do the "mothering" type of cooking.....good, tasty food and lots of it.
He has the "don't overdo it" attitude to cooking dinners...single tasty portions least I think they're tasty. Due to this D'd virus I have no smell or taste. It looks good and fills the stomach, so I can only assume it tastes as good as it looks. I am very much a visual person :-)
In any case, it works for the weight loss....we will see if that continues....although I'm doing the cooking tonite, being the least ill of the two of us! Chicken burgers here I come!!!!! *snirt!!*

So the agenda for the next week is to GET HEALTHY, lose another five pounds (I don't THINK so), get organized and prepare for a bit of a working holiday. Exciting hey???? I am SO looking forward to this trip mostly because Stella and Bastet will be coming home with us and secondly we will hopefully be able see a little bit of New England in the process.....oh....and I forgot.....we get to experience TRADER JOE'S.....Woohoo!!!!! I have to get the chicken burgers out of the freezer......;-)


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king d said...

Can I come?

I like your weight solution. Sounds like a plan. Too bad that won't work for Stella and I. I make very large meals thinking that we can save some and then end up thinking, oh well, I'll just have seconds.