Saturday, June 23, 2007

To Market Market buy a fat......LIP????

So we went to the market this morning....lots of good stuff.
Veggies are out now and still a smattering of plants as well as strawberries and cherries.
However.....we found a place that was selling peppers, tomatoes (all different kinds) and cukes. It appears it is a greenhouse that uses biological pest control....thereby no sprays...which is a good thing.
The seller said to us, as I was picking the peppers I wanted..."Those look like a pair of lips" So we took that to heart and voila!!!


Then there's the pic of our basket of goodies that we bought.....and no..that's not a's a cucumber covered in plastic....and the little tootsie roll on top of the honey is a doggie treat for Chauncey. There is a lady there that sells home made doggie treats of all kinds so we always gets a bakers dozen for him...he loves them!!

...and an extra....a picture of a hens and chicks plant on my patio that due to flower soon. It's the first time I've ever had one of these plants get to that stage .....I'm quite pleased!!

So...all in all a pretty good morning....we actually managed to get up early enough to do the market thing. After the market we went over to Art Knapps and got some chives and seeds for 30% off....AND...we were allowed to take Chauncey into the store and the greenhouse with us. How cool was that!! A lady had a Siamese cat with her as well.....needless to say we made a quick detour to the seed stands until she was through the till and out the door. Chauncey was just a tad too curious!!

Just a little note here...I am contemplating setting up a photo and art blog....still thinking about it...but I'll post it here when I do...


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