Monday, March 12, 2007

The stresses of life....

I do not do well the stresses of life. I try....but I don't do well. ...and neither does DH as it happens......
......because we internalize everything.

In the past month and a half ...
  • we have been incredibly ill with the flu and cold,
  • we, very suddenly, lost a brother/in law (DH's brother),
  • regained our daughter to the West Coast, and
  • experienced travel, moving worries and their effect on dear Stella,
  • stress of the highest level from both Stella and ourselves,
  • some worries about things back home and now...
...we have been hit by a massive exhaustion that has depleted our reserves and left us filled with anxiety.

I managed to play a concert this weekend, but it was a tough go. Having J & C here for the weekend to quietly visit (and do after dinner clean up!!) was wonderful...but the fact that both DH and I are still in our jammies at 9:50 pm, having done virtually NOTHING all day says everything about how we're feeling.

I am SO happy that Stella and King D are together again, it was good to be with her in Mass. albeit at times edgy. I love them both so much and wish that we had been stronger for her in Mass. but it was an experience that I would not have exchanged for anything. We finally got to experience everything she had talked about first hand and in that respect it was a most memorable time.

I think that DH and I need to pamper and really look after US now and hibernate for a while to recoup the lost see, we never fully recovered from the flu before we were grieving and then travelling. So now is the time I think. When a good portion of my day is felt to be on the verge of tears and I see tears in DH's eyes when we talk, I know then that we have no strength to continue and we must stop and recover and finish the grieving process and heal.

We will go to a wedding in Pitt Meadows on Sunday....but that will be it for a while I think.

This is not meant to be a whining post, or even a sad post......I just needed to say something about how we were feeling..........and the eyes are starting to



king d said...

I will keep you two in my prayers. You mean a lot to both Stella and I. And remember, "Some times the most Godly thing you can do is to take the day off." (I forget who said that.)

coramie said...

Thank you!! :-)