Saturday, April 07, 2007

To Journal or not to Journal.....

I have written some form of journal for many and on. I have bits and pieces of journals in various and sundry little books, mostly stashed in my bedside table...or in my workshop...or in the bag that I carry everything that doesn't fit into the suitcase.

But now...I have a journal in my laptop computer...password protected (of course!!)

I have journaled in my computer before in Word and then password protected it and then forgotten the password when I discovered it months later....sigh! have a program!!

About a year ago, I discovered that when I installed Office 2003 into my laptop, it had also installed a program called Microsoft Office OneNote. (One of those things that you discover after using the program for about a year!!)I believe that the original and most logical purpose of this program is for business use....but it can be quite well adapted for personal use. There is a section.....yes there is .....called.....JOURNAL!!It's dates itself with date AND time no saves itself automatically when I close the program....and you can password protect it's great!

So I have used this for about a year...and I have used no other. I don't write into it everyday....just when I feel the need.

I have found that journaling can help me to dissect problems and worries into smaller groups so I can examine them more fully and try to decide what it is about the problem that IS a problem. It helps to unload the worries into written form and seeing them that way makes them more least for me. It's like I "leave my worries in the laptop" least for a time.

It's not all about worries either....I like to write about things that make me happy and joyful so they remain with me..... people I love and activities that I love to do and events that put me in a positive frame of mind.

As I said, I have always journaled intermittently in one form or another, but as I grow older it seems to have become more important to have a record of the process and it's ups and downs....emotionally, mentally and physically.



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