Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Memories....

Thanks to my Dad I was brought up to appreciate many operatic tenor and baritone arias, one being the famous tenor aria "Che Celida Manina" or as my father translated it...."Thy Tiny Hand is Frozen". It's from La Boheme, one of my favourite operas. The version I grew up with was sung by Jussi Bjoerling, the famous Swedish tenor of bygone years. It remains my favourite to this day. My aunt was also a fan of said opera, aria and tenor...in fact she loved most opera.

Years ago, when I was living in Vancouver on my own, before England and marriage, I would frequently go to the opera with her. One time La Boheme was playing and we were excited to be able to attend. We sat there enraptured by the music and when the tenor aria approached, my aunt reached over and took my hand and held it throughout the entire aria, especially tightly during the climax of the aria (a top A I believe or something similar).

It's a special memory that resurfaced this morning when I was driving home from dropping DH at work.....that particular aria came on the radio and the lump in my throat became tears in my eyes by the time it finished. I've always loved that aria for the music and for the memories of my dad that it evoked, but now it also brings to mind my aunt.

Memories like that are golden......

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