Saturday, July 24, 2010

The desk!!!

The last couple of days on Facebook, I have been posting about the sorting and tidying of my studio so I can add the new computer desk I bought.

I needed a new desk because the little one I was using worked well for a laptop but when I got the new desktop computer  I started getting major muscle cramps in my shoulder because of the two levels....keyboard on lower level and mouse on upper level. I decided that I needed a slide-out shelf with room for both a keyboard and a mouse. We searched high and low in all price and quality ranges and finally came up with a rather good one with a glass top from Liquidation World. It seemed sturdy and I loved the whole concept of the glass top. It was larger than we had visualized, but I was confident it would work.

As is normal with me, once I buy something, I want it set up RIGHT AWAY!!....drives DH crazy. However, his calmness prevailed and despite the nagging feelings of frustration, I bit the bullet and tidied up, chucked garbage, cleaned up random piles of paper into recycling and anything that I couldn't figure out what to do with, I threw on my large work/drafting table to be dealt with maybe a winter project???

I moved my stereo into my workshop and figured out how to configure THAT idea....using my old computer table.

This is my relaxation/comfort/meditating area of my work you can see, there is a nice comfy couch to "meditate" on.....zzzzzzzz.

...and then I moved the book case over next to the piano keyboard behind the door, and I think eventually I will probably use it for music instead of books, moving the books over to where the music is now.

I also have a little alcove to store two of the important things in my creative life.... my treasured horn and music stand.

So all in all it seems to have worked well....and provided me with a myriad of little clean up organizational projects to do during the rest of the summer when it's too hot to be upstairs. Things like the pile of stuff in front of the cupboard

and then whatever is behind the dreaded cupboard door's actually pictures.....hundreds of pictures that have to be to gone through and decisions made as to where they must end up. They are accumulated from the family home about 6 years ago...which only gives you an indication of my powers of procrastination!!!
But I digress.....
The final outcome of "The Desk" saga is this.....

Pretty cool isn't it??
I love it!! ....oh and by the way...the bowl and cup on the table.......that's my delicious breakfast of apricots, blueberries, Greek Yogurt, Kashi Honey Almond Flax Cereal and Blueberry Syrup.....and coffee.....but that's another story!!!


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T. said...

Looks great! Love it :) And love the breakfast :)