Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A walk on the dike......

Today was a glorious sunny and brisk day.....perfect for walking!
We have a path along the dike beside the Thompson River next to the airport. It's flat, in relatively good shape, and a favourite for those of us with dogs.....as long as you follow the rules....leashed and clean up. The leashed part of it is a new rule and for the most part is rarely followed. We leash our pooch when other dogs or people are around....if there's no one we let him loose to wander as long as he stays close....which he does. We clean up always but that's not always the case with other pet owners and that's frustrating....however, I digress....
I took a few photos, one when we started out and then the rest when I did my rest on the bench and DH and Chauncey wandered off.

When we arrived, the regular parking lot was flooded, so we parked onto one side and took a smaller and somewhat muddier path to the dike. That isn't our dog by the way....someone arrived as I was taking the pic.

After we walked to the bench....DH explored the rocks on the dike as he noticed others were on the sandbar with their dogs.....as you can see...he ....and Chauncey made the trek down. 
Now they're strolling across the sandbar....which, I might add, occurs when the river level goes down in the winter ...and also during the dry spells in the summer.
 Meanwhile I took some pictures of the airport.....
...looking back the way we came and the control tower in the distance.....
..and then back towards Kamloops...up river. I was going to take some more pictures of the path going west but my attention was distracted by my two men (human and canine) walking on the sand!!
 Heading toward the river...with Chauncey being diverted by..something....

In the distance....if you scrunch up your eyes.....you can see them....and I gather Chauncey stopped soon after this and refused to budge...at which point they headed back.
The background here is railway along the rivers edge and above is the transfer station for Kamloops' refuse (polite word for garbage) I have to give them credit though...it's not too bad looking....neatly terraced. 
This is where I called Chauncey and he came running ....until he saw the rocks and then he waited for "daddy" to show him what to do......

 An interesting smell kept him occupied until DH showed up.....see his pompom tail???

Ah...finally..." OK Dad....tell me what to do now....where do I go???"
DH is coaxing him and he was through it in no time.  Whatta pooch!!!

So after we finished our walk.....we went into Kamloops to do a few errands and I took these pictures to amuse myself whilst DH was in buying dog food!!!
 Kamloops is a railway town...and everywhere you go...even during a walk on the dike, you see trains....downtown, in the eastern and western suburbs and the northern suburbs. The city is a hub for both the CN and CP railway and the Rocky Mountaineer
These two pictures show the trains that run right up behind the vet's where we get our dog food. 
     ...and this is just an interesting tree I wanted to take a picture of across the road from the vet's office.

Getting back to the trains....while we were walking on the dike, one long train went  by on the other side of the airport and two went by across the river and sand bar from where we were walking. We hear them at night rumbling along  on the tracks below our street...and in a way...I find it somewhat comforting. No matter what .....the railways always seem to keep going.


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