Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am still around!!

Yes....I am still here, albeit somewhat battered and bruised and hot and tired....but here nevertheless.
We are going through a rather hot period in the summer (isn't everyone??) which is peppered with thunderstorms and lightning and unending heat.  I say unending, although, looking at the weather forecast, there may be a drop in temperature by about 3 degrees over the next little while....woohoo! I shouldn't grumble though, because a few degrees is better than no change. We were away when the heat attack struck and when we arrived home it was 39 deg. Celsius....which is nothing if you live in Arizona, or Texas, or even some parts of eastern Canada....but for us....it was close to a knockout punch!! We now luckily have a portable air conditioner, as we are not blessed with central air.....so, as a friend said, the bedroom is now feeling somewhat like a meat locker!!! Cool!!!! (literally)

It's been a busy early part of the summer with trips to Portland, Alberta, White Rock and Langley and a visit from our family, but from here on in, we're pretty much around home, tending to the garden and catching up on reading and other things.

Lots to talk about in the days to come, so I'll close this for now and head to bed to curl up with a book. Chaunce is shaking his head and stretching...."Time for bed Mom, get a move on!!"

Talk soon

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