Thursday, September 27, 2007


Our friends from across the line and overseas have departed. Their visit required two visits to the Lower Mainland, one overnight (at J and C's) and one day trip. The first was to connect with them in Aldergrove and convoy with them up to Kamloops. Unfortunately, we were sideswiped by a very large pickup on the large that the dent in the car I was riding was made by his tires, not his bumper. No one was hurt, but we were shaken up and lost the other member of our convoy temporarily. (I believe we passed each going in opposite directions as they were looking for us!!) We finally met up in Merritt. After getting that sorted out, the visit proceeded onwards. We did a day trip to Craigellachie to see The Last Spike and get an ice cream at the Dutchman's Dairy. We also just did some hangin' out in Kamloops and DH took them on a tour around Kamloops and the WildLife Park while I had some downtime. They arrived on Thursday and left on the following Monday. We also drove down with them to Langley and saw them on their way down to the border and then after a quick visit with J, we headed back home. It was a long day. All in was a good visit...lots of catching up and visiting.


....visits like this are a joy and pain for me. A joy...because I love seeing our dear friends and talking and visiting with them. I have known them for many years and it's always a pleasure to connect again. A pain...because I take at least 2-3 days to recover...sometimes longer. I force myself to be"up" during the visit, even if on my own, and pay the piper when it's over....I crash. The past two days I have done nothing but emails, reading and sleeping with some errands in between (which are exhausting but necessary!!)

It's all a part of the living with fibromyalgia and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Luckily I have been sleeping relatively well, but the fatique lasts all day. Hopefully it will improve with time and rest.....for a while a least.

Sometimes I want my old life fact a lot of the time I want my old life back...where I could walk, ride my bike, get out of bed without wincing in pain, sleep through the night (although that's rarely happened!!), work in the garden, climb stairs with some energy, shop 'til I drop,.......sigh.....a different life entirely.

It's all about making a new life within my limitations. An ongoing project that hopefully I will have sorted before next year when I turn 60!!


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