Saturday, May 03, 2008

My life as it continues to proceed

Oh Wow.....I just saw the last time I much for my proposal to post daily or at least every other day. It's just that I come down, check my email, read blogs....see my blog and think...."I really should update it....yes I really should". I then proceed to talk myself out of it with excuses of "too busy" (yah right!!) "nothing to blog about" (there is lots....just haven't co-ordinated it yet) "not in the 'blogging' mood" (that is probably THE most honest excuse...not a good one...just the most honest) I am downstairs at night now, not really in a blogging mood, but determined nevertheless to write SOMETHING!!

Since my last blog entry, I have had a horrendous yet hatefully helpful visit to an orthopedic surgeon about my knees. The fellow had no tact, no bedside manner, no clue as to how people operate inside their heads and no ability to listen and so he decimated me in a ten minute appointment. Details are not really necessary here, just know that I took three days to recover from the humiliation. However, much to my chagrin, it did kick my butt into gear to start doing something about my weight and overall health. Yaaaayy??? Well, yes it is definitely from my family's point of view a YAYYYY!!!

So....I have registered online with (I heard about them from my dear daughter, who is also a Sparkperson) and considering it is free, it is probably the most sensible thing I have done in a while. I decided to go that route because (as my DH will tell anyone who will listen) I spend a good deal of my time on the computer anyways, so why not keep track of my nutrition and fitness on that same computer. So far it's working....and I'm lovin' it. I am now swimming three times a week and wonder of wonders, playing my horn (practice and rehearsals and concerts) is counted as cardio.....who knew??? The thing I like about this is that I can participate as little or as much as I want. I'm not a fan of doing a lot of "forum" stuff, but I will read information and research to educate myself in this project that I have taken on. I may participate in the forums eventually, just not now.....too new. So....that is my "Project Tubbytoes" named after my nickname for my older cat who also has a rather large tummy. I won't say the traditional "I will keep you posted" because if I do, I won't. If I remember, I'll mention it, otherwise you just have to wait until you see a picture of me from my son's wedding in September!!

I have taken to keeping a little list of things I have to accomplish in my life. I have a little diary type book, that has been used for a number of things (unfinished), so I have taken the last few pages of it and keep updating and crossing out things to do.....otherwise, nothing gets done or at least the important stuff doesn't get done, because I tend to forget or find other things to occupy my head. Email replies are always top on the list. I have a number to catch up on. Again...we run into the problem of "mood". I think of it but then decide that I have to be in the mood to write the replies....similar to the same mood that applies for blogging. I think that the response to this type of thinking is "mood, schmood ...get to it and stop procrastinating!!"

Other than all of the above I am happy that spring is finally arriving in Kamloops.....we actually sat on the patio and had coffee and read the other morning!! I have one more concert in the middle of May and then I'm done for the season. We have had two trips to the coast in the past two weeks, the last one being now it's time to settle down and get the garden sorted!

A trip to the nursery is in order before too long to plan our garden.....we have some herb plants growing under lights in DH's workshop and one of the basils is called Stella....we are hoping to manage to get some of them down to T&D at some point before summer so they can plant them in their little garden plot. I think I planted somewhere in the region of 10 different varieties of basil....could be less, but still a lot. Hubby's been watering them so I have to go and check and see how everything is doing. [Note to self - add that to my list of things to do!] Hopefully some of the herbs can be planted in our garden before too long....not the basil for a while, but there are others that will work .

OK, I'm starting to blither now....that's what you get when you're "not in the blogging mood".There is lots more for me to talk about I'm sure....but this will suffice for as DH has headed to bed, I shall soon follow.


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