Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, Wednesday was our anniversary....31 years to be exact....and as a coincidence, Cirque de Soleil was performing in Kamloops that very day!! I thought it entirely appropriate that we should attend their performance on this night....and it was totally worth every respect!!

DH was working (he has started back at the Art Gallery part time) and he finished at 5. The performance (which was called Saltimbanco) started at 7:30. We had planned that I would pick him up and then we'd go to a restaurant near the arena for dinner before the show. It all seemed to be going smoothly until I drove by the "restaurant" in the morning after dropping him off and noticed that it was no longer in existence!!

We actually had no plan I picked him up, relayed the news and we headed home for him to change and also to decide a plan of action. As it finally turned out, we parked next to the arena at around 5:30 and then hoofed it up to Senor Froggy's for some Mexican Fast Food. Now I'm normally not a fan of said fast food, but it was not too bad. Actually quite all in all it worked out...not the romantic dinner that we had envisioned, but was definitely cheaper!!

We had heard the show had a interactive segment before the actual starting we arrived early and got to our seats....which were just a tad narrower than my behind. The interactive segment started around 7:20 and was a lot of fun and when the performers scurried backstage the lights went down and the show began.....

I was transfixed!! I had heard wonderful things about Cirque and had always wanted to go to a live was truly amazing!! The colours and patterns and costumes were just a feast for the senses and the acrobatics, juggling, bicycling, dancing, music.....all brilliant!!

This is the website for Saltimbanco and if you click on each act the ones that have pictures can be enlarged. There's not too many pics, but they can give you some idea of what it looked like.
We had great seats...about half way up from the floor in the middle so close enough to see expressions and still far enough away to get the whole picture.

I could go on and on about it....but those of you in Vancouver have a chance to see another Cirque performance....Corteo!! I encourage anyone who can to go see it. Adults and children alike...totally awe-inspiring. It's interesting that Saltimbanco was first performed in the early nineties and had been brought back in 1997.....and then in the last few years it has been designed totally to be performed in an arena instead of their usual tent. Watching the trapeze duo perfom on one trapeze high up (higher than a tent we are told) was really quite nervewracking considering they had no safety lines....just a cushion for a soft landing!!! They were swinging through the air with one sitting on the trapeze and the other with her feet hooked on by the instep. The crowd gave a universal gasp as she slid down to that position and hung upside down. Ahhhhh!!!!! That act was the most awe-inspiring to be sure....but take nothing away from the rest of the too was jaw dropping!!

The cool thing was that there was a comedy section as well that involved a member of the audience and he proved to be a perfect choice. He was a tall broad man but he kept up with antics of the "jester" figure mime (called Eddy) showing a few antics of his own, much to the glee of the audience....and I think "Eddy" was pleasantly surprised!!

After the show.....feeling totally inspired and refreshed....we came home and sat quietly chatting and looking out at the lights of the North Shore with a nice glass of wine to finish off the evening.

This was like an anniversary morning. Got up late (DH didn't work until 4pm), DH made fried rice and sausages for brekkers along with great coffee and we sat outside and had coffee and read later on in the morning. Totally...a very nice day.....after a spectacular evening!!



T. said...

Yay for a great night and great day!

Daphne said...

Oh man that makes me want to see Cirque! It sounds absolutely fabulous and I know I would love it too. You have such a way with words!

coramie said...

I waited for years to see Cirque and it totally lived up to my expectations. A definite must next time it comes to town (be it Kamloops or Vancouver !!)

Daphne said...

After reading your blog, I decided to open a blog account too. I looked and looked at all the templates and finally chose one - guess what - it's the same as yours! Ha, ha!!! Our kids would laugh.