Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The first two weeks of September......

It's been a chaotic, hectic, busy, wonderful, thrilling, emotionally draining, painful (as in dancing too much pain) and then relaxing, giggly, humorous and at times really annoying, but in the end fulfilling two weeks (Since September 1st).

Our sweet and lovable son got married to an equally sweet and lovable young lady on September 5 in Aldergrove. We headed down to Aldergrove on September 1st to help with last minute preparations and do a little babysitting and in general be there if needed before the wedding. It was a totally different experience than when our daughter got married five years ago. I'm not sure how it was different (other than the whole bride's parents/groom's parents thing), but it was a totally different dynamic.....which again shows the difference between the two siblings. Interesting to say the least......
The rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner (which we were hosting at Char's in Aldergrove...amazing food by the way!!), the wedding, and gift opening all went off without a hitch. A lot of fun was had by all.

...some high points.....

*The bride was beautiful and just glowed with happiness and the bridesmaids looked wonderful.

*The groom....well, what can I say, he's our son....but he was handsome and just as happy as his lady, I don't think the smile left his face all night!!

*The song jointly composed by the bride C and her friend A. for the groom and sung by A. during the signing of the register after the ceremony.

*The entrance of the bride and groom to the reception...beautifully choreographed with great music and a smoke machine ..... hilarious !!

*The groomsmen were handsome and debonair, and special mention to groomsman J for playing with our grandson whilst pictures were being taken.....M, the best man did a great speech, just perfect for the occasion....and speaking of our grandson....he looked absolutely adorable in his tuxedo, being escorted down the walkway by his grandfather, DH, who I might add looked amazingly hot in his pinstriped charcoal vested suit with lavender shirt and matching patterned tie....(whew.... I almost had to fan myself!!)

*Hearing my son make mention of my dear 97 year old aunt who couldn't be there and everyone applauding her

*Hearing our son sing to his bride accompanying himself on the guitar along with groomsman J on the Tjembe. I have never heard him sing by himself before and I was just blown away. It was beautiful and the bride was in tears!!

*The Mother/Son dance with J.......a wonderful experience...whatta guy!!!!

*Spending time with friends and relative whom we don't see as often as we'd like and catching up with news

*Having some down time during the week with a good friend who came to the motel to have a glass of wine and update the toe nail polish!!

*An unforgettable sight to me was to see my lovely 80 year old cousin up on the dance floor kicking up her heels with the younger people AND keeping up with them.....what a grand lady!!!

*The spontaneous choreographed moves to the song "Fever" by Peggy Lee....complete with snapping fingers of the groomsman and the groom leading up to the removal of the garter....what a hoot!!!

*Another special mention here of my grand-nephew Jeff from St. Albert who also spent time playing with and entertaining our grandson, keeping him occupied during the picture taking time (between ceremony and reception) when the wedding party left briefly for pictures elsewhere....and grandson was missing his daddy!!!

*The music was good, the food was good, the drinks were good.....in fact it was all good and a wonderful occasion!!

When we arrived back at the hotel....I was hurtin' .....but a couple of Tylenol w/codeine and a good night's sleep helped to ease things and we were able to head out to the gift opening in the later morning. After that we picked up Chauncey at the kennel and headed back home to Kamloops.....bagged and in pain (me anyways), but happy.

We basically spent Sunday the 7th relaxing and doing laundry and making a list of things to take to Osoyoos with us on our annual trip to wine country.....we were to leave on Monday the 8th.

To be continued.....


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