Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holey Soles Forever!!!

So...I promised a blog about my "Holey Soles" obsession.
What are Holey Soles??? You may well ask....
They are a homegrown Canadian version of "Crocs"....and oh so much better.

Quite a while ago I was checking out Rosie O'Donnell's blog, as I am wont to do and came across a photo of her wearing this really nice black outfit (coat (not jacket) and pants) for an evening out and she had finished it off by wearing bright pink Crocs. Needless to say, as things do with her, it caused quite a stir. However, she mentioned on her blog that the Crocs had been sent to her by a fan and she wanted to wear them.....full acknowledging at the time that she had absolutely no fashion sense. In any of the Canadian bloggers (read fans), after reading this, told her she should actually be wearing Holey Soles, as they were the originators of the design. So that got me to thinking.....and researching....and I found the Holey Sole site. I also found a supplier in Kamloops....Valhalla Outfitters.....and fortunately they had them on for half price.
After an initial "breaking in" process, I have worn them pretty much non-stop for most of the spring and summer (maybe even earlier) They are SO comfortable.

I have worn them to symphony rehearsals and because I always have a problem finding comfortable black shoes to wear to the concerts, I started musing about possibly wearing a black pair of Holey Soles. Two concerts ago, I wore these to the concert, changed into a pair of black stretchy slippers and then back into the Holey Soles....during the intermission and after the concert. My colleagues in the horn section jokingly suggested I should get a pair of black ones as I liked them so which I replied..."Funny you should say thoughts exactly!!"

So....I checked out Valhalla Outfitters and they no longer stocked them...they just had odd sizes in odd colours that they were trying to get rid of. Art Knapps, also, no longer stocked them.
Well...I guess I was just going to have to order them tedious (snicker snicker!!)

When I went to their new redesigned website....I found a plethora of new styles...Woohoo!!!
There was a pair of black ones....with no holes....more like a sport type shoe, but still black and slip on.....just the ticket I thought!! So then I explored some more and found more colours of the new updated style that I already had.
So to make a long story short....I ordered the black ones, a pair of red ones and a pair of navy blue ones. There are many other colours, but I think I will hold off until the spring or summer. Amazingly enough....I ordered them on Wednesday...and they arrived on my doorstep at 8:10 in the morning on Friday.......I was totally impressed!!
So....after all are the pictures of my Holey Soles.....

...and here is a picture of my new "symphony" Holey Soles....with removable insoles, no less in case you want to put in arch cool is that!! I have worn them to two concerts now and they work perfectly....even with black socks!!
I am always on the lookout for shoes that are easy to fit and comfortable....I have large feet....large in every way....wide, flat and long.....women's size 12 - wide. So when I find something that is easy to put on, colourful, lightweight and it fits....well....I just have to have them. I do wear dress up shoes when absolutely at C & J's wedding in September, I bought a pair of silver sandals....and the instore shoe repair guy stretched them for me....I was actually able to wear them for a major part of the night....
I also wear Clark's Wallabee's - the original ones....and I used to wear Birkenstocks....until Holey Soles came along. The Wallabee's are for winter and Holey Soles for the summer....there ya go....

My Holey Soles obsession!!


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