Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Me again!!

Well.....here I am again....

I thought last night that I should really blog much more than I do....and make an effort to make things interesting....well ....at least not endless streams of text.
So...here goes.......

I have a few things to do today....one particularly is to pot up basil plants for daughter Ty, now a date for the visit has been finalized.  I have pots, I have soil....I will pot!!

I also have decided to try to think of blog topics and that's not as difficult as it sounds. I always can think of blog topics...when I'm lying in bed unable to sleep, when I'm sewing, when I'm listening to music, when I'm working on the computer....but I never remember them when the time comes to post....so THAT'S why I never post. I have decided to keep a notebook handy to jot down things that occur to me that may or may not make it to the blog. I'm also going to take a few more pics and regularly upload them into the 'puter so I can post them if and when I want to.  I'm so lazy about uploading pics....wait a minute....I'm so lazy period!!

Having said all this, the trick is to actually follow through on it. I think that setting a specific blog time...to read and post..is a good thing. I know that if I don't watch it, I will be on here all day!!

Now for a picture....this morning, I actually made my brekkers grabbed my coffee and headed downstairs (followed by Chauncey) so I took a couple pics of my brekkers and workstation.
This was my brekkers....Multigrain Cheerios, banana and thick creamy Greek style yogurt topped with a splash of Summerland Sweets Peach Brandy syrup.....creamy and crunch all at the same time with a few little round Cheerios for the pooch to nibble on.....

...and here's where I sit....with my Hawthorne Vineyards coffee cup. I'm so good, I actually had my second cup black this morning. I usually start my morning with coffee with milk and 2 sugar and then the rest of the coffee during the day is just milk or black. I so need that boost of sugar in my first cup though.

I have a few other projects to work on, sewing and organizing, but those will be previewed on another day. I also have a load of food pics that I took with the intention of posting on the blog.....the results of my attempts with new recipes...and most are not too bad.  Those also are for another day.

Today, however, is to start now....almost 11 am....wow, I'm doing good !! (Note the tongue firmly planted in the cheek here!!)


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T. said...

Yummy breakfast! Looking forward to the basil!!