Saturday, August 19, 2006

....and then they were gone......

So....yesterday morning the travelling offspring said their farewells (well I think we ALL blubbered our farewells!!) and took to the road, heading for Edmonton down the Yellowhead.

It was a good visit....lots of conversation, still some long distance tweaking in arrangments to do, and lots of good food and good conversation. "J- little bro" arrived about 15 minutes after T&D and Bastet on Friday so we all sat on the patio and caught up for a while.....after which we decided that a heavy dinner wasn't on, so we made up plates of bread and many cheeses and veggies and and other snackies and sat around the dining room table and talked more. Gradually the menfolk faded out to their respective beds and mom and daughter finished the wine and chatted 'till after midnight.

Thursday was spent making last minute calls and checking on arrangements, laundry etc.... and then T and "J- little bro" took off for some brother/sister time and shopping for a while. we were having lunch, they arrived home and lo and behold.....a gift for Mom....(it's my birthday on Monday you see)....a wonderful Mediterranean style appetizer set of several small dishes (all difference shapes) and one large pasta or salad bowl. It was just so amazingly appropriate for style totally!! The birthday/bon voyage celebration continued with a dinner at Ric's Mediterranean Grill downtown and then finished off the evening with a wonderful cheesecake and wine at home. T and I finished off the evening (and the wine!!) out on the patio chatting again...whilst the menfolk watched Two for the Road.....:-)

Everyone was up early to say goodbye on Friday and after they left and we settled down a bit "J-little bro" joined us on a trip to the Wildlife Park and we all quite enjoyed it....especially the Raptor exhibit. Our dear son left around 6'ish and phoned when he reached Chilliwack.....(it's a tradition you see....just to let mom know he made it over the Coq ).

Finally got word (after a phone call) that T&D had reached Edmonton safely, at which point, I retired to the bathroom and soaked in a foamy tub of lukewarm water which smelled strongly of lavender, chamomile with a hint of rosemary, with a nice glass of Desert Hills Gamay close to hand!!

It has been an emotional three whizzed by just too fast......and I still can't believe it!
I think it will all sink in when I finally get emails from Ontario and Shrewsbury.

Their adventure has started.......and it will be good



King D said...

We had loads of fun. You guys are always a blast to be with. I just wish we could bring you to Boston with us.

Lots of love,
King D

coramie said...

I wish you could 'bout a large tin of Jumbo Raisin cookies instead????

love and hugs back at ya !!

Magnificent M said...

*sigh* We will just have to miss them together :-). I'm glad you had a nice visit, and hope your holding up well. I'm sending you some sympathy... I've only sent my daughter off to camp so can harly compare but that was painful enough, never mind across the continent! BTW, desert hills Gamay is one of my favs... the winery is very close to our place in Osoyoos :-)

coramie said...

Many thanks M.
Life goes on....but it's just a little more difficult to negotiate for a while. The worry will never go away, but it will get less over time.....but that's all about being a mom (and a mom-in-law) I guess.
We visited Desert Hills last year and picked up some Gamay when it was new.....and it was amazing even then..,good addition for aging in the wine cellar. Our local beer and wine store also finally got it in...yaaayy!!