Friday, August 25, 2006

Sounds, sights and scents.....

This Kamloops morning.....

...the phone ringing at 5:45 am with our dear daughter on the other end telling us that they were through the border, visa acquired, and were now halfway between Buffalo and Rochester. I then got up, put the coffee and computer on....and checked out Google Earth to see where they were.

...Chloe and Mrs Tubbytoes (aka Putz) whinging for breakfast (our feline housemates)

...the train whistle of the Rocky Mountaineer as it wends it's way onwards down to Vancouver.

...incessant yammering of magpies at something or other...all around the neighbourhood!!

...the said Rocky Mountaineer as it wends it's way onwards to Vancouver as seen through our living room window through binoculars (we do have an awesome view!!)

...the morning sun shining brilliantly on our patio table and chairs and showing off the hanging baskets magnificently!!

....a tiny bird (sparrow??) hopping between the grape vines in the garden (the cats watch unblinkingly)

...mate and Chauncey dog stepping briskly off for their daily walk


...the "zesty" smell of the deodorant soap in the shower this morning....and the lavender shampoo!!

....the wonderful smell of Starbucks beans, ground and brewed in the early morning... there's nothing quite like it...except for Zack's beans (a Kamloops specialty!!)

...mate's aftershave as he gives me kiss before said walk...(he just recently shaved his beard it's noticeable!!)

...basil, basil, basil....I cut the basil regularly to prevent flowering and it's a job I love to do. The scent of the basil is unbelievable and it stays on my fingers as I take the leaves from the tougher stems. I have two tubs of pesto in the this batch will be for fresh use and possibly freezing in oil Still lots left in the garden as well. I also have tarragon to do and sage....and catnip and lemon balm (my sleep combination!!)I will no doubt freeze the tarragon and/or make vinegar and dry the sage, catnip and lemon balm. I also have some winter savory, 3 mints, lemon verbena and rosemary to decide what to do with.

....the leftover night time scent of the stocks as I pass by during my daily "deadheading" routine. We have a large patch of Night Scented Stocks in the front and during the nights when I can't sleep...I stand by the open window and the smell of them just wafts up and envelopes me. I want to plant a lot around the patio next year. This year and last, we had one plant...which was pretty good, but I think another, plus some sweet peas would just stink up the patio nicely!!

And as I finish off this blog entry, I still smell the basil on my fingers...sigh...and I have found a site that calculated the driving time between Buffalo and Shrewsbury....6 hours and 43 minutes....not too bad....the travelling offspring should be nearing their new home in about 1 1/2 hours (it's now 11:30am PST).
I love and miss them sooo much!!
I'm such a Mom!! :-)


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