Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wine and Appys on the Patio.....

Our family will be here in the next little while.....our two children and one son-in-law. We will all be gathered to bid a fond and loving farewell to T & D and Bastet!! It will be an emotional few days, but I am going to try to make it also a relaxing and tasty start to a long road trip. (How can you tell that T and I are mother/daughter :-).....it's all about good food and good wine!!)

To that end.....I have roasted almonds, will be roasting chickpeas, making jumbo raisin cookies ,(which I would have baked today, but I had no eggs!!), maybe making Welsh cakes, chopping veggies, making dip, buying wine, cheese and interesting bread...and especially for T.....GARLIC SAUSAGE!!.....in short, all the things that the travelling offspring find enjoyable..(I hope). Also there will be a good supply of "Mom's comfort food" for all the family.....which comfort food it is, I have no idea....but I shall be prepared for anything!!

After the mad panic of the departure, some down time relaxing on the patio is definitely in the cards for both of them.....while Bastet reclines on the bed!!

It's interesting.....up until last night I was wondering how I was going to cope with these few days....my chest was tight, I was verging on tears and all in all I felt like s**t!! So this morning....after sleeping rather badly, I got up and we did a whip'round cleaning up the house and getting the beds ready. I had a lovely phone talk with my 95 year old aunt about everything....I so love her to bits....she knows me so well... because she is me.... in about 40 years.

After the chat we had lunch and I decided to nap. (Naps are a good thing) When I got up .....I decided to cook and bake......well...cook maybe (it's the almonds you know??) and leave the baking until tomorrow after we get some eggs etc....so now....I feel so much better, like a load has been lifted. It's all about doing things to make people happy......thinking about how they feel rather than how I feel.....sigh.....what a relief.

I will still be sad when they leave, in fact I can guarantee that I will weep copious amounts of salty H2O, but now I will think of the positive side of it all and send them on their way with all the support, love and prayers I can provide.

But first........it's about that wine and appys on the patio.........



Magnificent M said...

okay I can only imagine how sad you must feel cuz I feel sad too and she is *just* my friend! Enjoy the food and wine! I hope you have a good visit and forget temporarily that she is leaving.

coramie said...

Thanks M. We have just returned from shopping and I'm now going to settle down and bake for a bit. It's a therapy for me. I am so glad that the last few days worked out for them... albeit like a roller coaster ride!! It never fails to amaze me how, when things get the toughest, God gently turns things around for the better. It's episodes like this that make my faith grow stronger. God is Great!!

Magnificent M said...

Hear hear! I agree. His love is amazing. Sometimes it is hard to tune it all out and hear his voice but it is always there. I'm glad it came together for them, I knew it would, but I also know that the chaos must have driven them crazy!! If it were me and my dh there likely would have been some tense words (lol!) but hopefully they came out the other side and are happily chugging along. Have a nice visit!