Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Freak out time......aaahhhh!!

So I head to the computer this morning to check out the inventory of photo cards I have on file.....that I made last year and want to sell this year.
I bring up Printmaster ( the new version that I installed when we got the new computer) and go to Import.....and there is....... NOTHING!!!
It's one of those times when you absolutely KNOW that you did something, but can't figure out how you did it. I KNOW I saved the Project Files from the old version of did I save them to CD....or did I save them to the "Old E Drive" which is now on my new C Drive?? Ahhhh.... therein lies the question.

I spent the better part of 2 hours searching through my files (and everyone elses!!), my laptop files, and any CD that had been burned as backup during the transfer to the new 'puter. I was beginning to feel desperate......even thoughts of backing out of the craft fair had entered my mind....I mean these cards make up a good portion of my stock. There was a short period of euphoria when we discovered that several CD's had been knocked down behind the filing cabinet....but that was dashed when they were all what they purported to be on the outside label....darn!!

My mate tried to get me to leave the chair and let him look, but I declined vehemently.......I KNEW they were somewhere.....they just had to be......didn't they?
I was on the verge of tears.....(I get that way sometimes )...

I glanced down between the filing cabinet and the desk and there was something there....."D., can you come and reach in and see what this is??" I called. was just a slip of paper.....but wait!!
D. says "Oh look, there's a couple of CD's back here as well......(as he pulled them out) ...and one of them says PRINTMASTER PROJECTS!!" Yaaaaayyyy!!!

Crisis averted......panic attack quelled......NOW I can go and get dressed!!!



king d said...

Wow, I'm glad you found them. This is one of my worst fears; loosing files that I thought I had backed up but hadn't. I have a lot of files. A lot of important, non-replacable ones. I feel your pain. Well, your previous pain. And I rejoice with you that they are found! :)

T. said...

Whew! Make sure you post a picture of the craft table all set up.