Friday, March 28, 2008


We had ordered a new washer and dryer from Sears to be delivered and installed today.....
By 3:00 they still had not arrived
I phoned Sears and tracked down our salesman....
Apparently there is a jam up at the loading dock and the company that is to pick up our w/d and deliver and install it, can't get it off the truck that it came in to Sears on.
Bottom line: won't be here today and it's questionable about tomorrow...he will keep us updated....HAH!!!!
Frustrating part about it is....we are to have overnight guests tomorrow and I wanted everything washed and dried and put away and the laundry room tidied up before they came.
Now....nothing washed.....still crap (sorry..junk) in the hallway and that probably won't be moved before they arrive.
ARRRRRRGH - A pox on Sears and their totally inefficient delivery service. It seems that if you're not in a prime location (i.e. Lower Mainland) the service is the pits.....BAH!!!! I've vented, I'll try to see what can be salvaged from this mess!!!!

One more for good luck....ARRRRRGH!!!


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