Friday, March 28, 2008

My life in this I see it....

Creatively speaking I am in the " stop and collect and organize" mode....which gives me time to think about what I want to do and how I want to do it. I have sorted through books, and kept a few aside for some altered book experimenting and now after sorting through various and sundry things upstairs, I now have to go sort through all the stuff from upstairs that I decided to chuck downstairs, i.e. my workshop. I have retrieved an old accordion folder which I plan on labeling for use as a storage for small bits and bobs to add to collages and I also have to devise some form of storage for papers, pictures and larger additions to the collage collection.

I do realize that I tend to do more organizing than actually creating...but sooner or later I am confident that the actual creating will fact it already has, but is in a state of quiescence for the moment due to "life" enacting it's usual "get in the way" mode. I feel that if my mind is still creative then sooner or later the rest of me will follow suit. I mean....all you have to do is read this post and you can discern the activity that is going on inside my head in order to type this all non-stop (except for checking out words in the dictionary!) Sigh....whew.....I think I can stop now.....

...except to tell you that I am knitting again....I think there must be a psychological thing to this "knitting" phase that I go into more and more frequently.... I am now on my 2nd simple and quick....and I actually found a shawl pattern that is the same as the dishcloth pattern....but you just make it in wool instead of cotton and make it MUCH bigger. How cool is that!!!!! I'm also finding myself getting excited at the thought of going into the wool aisle at Walmart. It must be the colours....for sure...that must be it!! How about many dishcloths in a multitude of colours...and shawls glowing with warm and fuzzy colours...the possibilities are endless!! I do find, though, that knitting seems to soothe my soul...I have even started doing it sitting up in bed before sleeping each unwinds the me a chance to cogitate and spit the messy stuff out of my mind before I try to sleep (now THERE'S a visual!!) least that's how I see it.

Gosh I'm using a lot of exclamation life is just a collection of exclamations!!!
Who knew!!!


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