Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Energy Level is up......a bit......

So the last few days I have been drooping so to speak....the heat has driven me to retreat and hibernate somewhat. However, I went to bed relatively early last night and was up at 6:30 this morning.....when it's definitely cooler!!
My energy level is up so I think a few projects should be at least attempted......and one of these is to "clean slate" my workroom.

I have been in a quandry the last little while, with no incentive to continue on with the artistic path I have been following over the past year or so......working with polymer clay......or even my Nutfolkery for that matter. I'm not sure why that is....I'm finding my mind is somewhat fragmented at this I'm thinking that I am going to clear the workroom, pack away everything and then sit in the bare clean room and muse on "what's next".

Several things come to mind and one is to go back to sewing and possibly trying to design or at least enhance a present design to meet my criteria for what I want to wear. I have a myriad of different materials of my own and also inherited from my mom. Some are very old and dated....but they appeal to me in some way....I keep thinking that I could design something that would incorporate the retro material into it. I mean some of the textures and patterns are quite unique in their own way. I have some patterns that can be added to and changed to some degree and I've always thought that if I have an outfit, top or something that really fits well, looks good, then I should wear it into the ground and then take it apart for a pattern. I've never done that...but that might be something that I could add to the to speak.

I also think I would like to draw and paint a little more....I'm really not very good at it. I have these great visions of things I see in my mind or perhaps dream about....not quite sure which...and I would love to get them down on paper. Oh to have a digital camera to take the pictures that roam in my head....well....maybe not ALL of them :-)

I'm sure there are other artistic and creative options out there and they may eventually include polymer clay and my Nutfolkery people.....but I need to start again.....from the basics and see where the journey takes me.



Sarah said...

I've heard painting can be very soothing. And if you dont' do realism very well, then perhaps "abstract" might be the way to go? Either way, I've been told there's something healing in smearing paint around, mixing colours into shapes that makes it worthwhile.

coramie said...

That's exactly what I thought....and perhaps the pictures in my head will eventually end up on some form or other!!
It's great to hear from you Sarah!!