Tuesday, July 04, 2006

it's a hot day in Kamloops...

So the weather report this morning said that it was supposed to go up to 39 deg. celsius today. We do not have central air conditioning, however, we do have a fairly well insulated house and 2 large fans and a tiny one (for the computer).

The one thing about Kamloops in the heat is that unless you're a sucker for punishment or a total sun-loving persona, you have to stay indoors or be driving in an air conditioned car, or visiting an air conditioned store or similar. To stay out of doors in the sun at any other time but early morning and evening, in my opinion, is bordering on INSANE....and almost unbearable. We had to take our car (our beautiful air conditioned car) into the shop yesterday where it will be languishing for nearly a week, so we're told. We have another vehicle....a TRUCK....a NON-AIR CONDITIONED TRUCK....that has the shocks of a wagon (at least for me!!). So we have to use that, which doesn't really distress my DH that much due to the fact that it's his vehicle, however, when we were driving it yesterday, I had the window open and my elbow resting on the windowsill as we were sailing along the Overlander Bridge. It felt like there was a hair dryer blowing on my elbow...on high heat!!

I have tried sitting out in shady areas and it's just too oppressive....so I now try to do a little weeding and watering first thing before the sun hits the back yard full force...and then go have a shower, put on as little as decently possible and head downstairs to do whatever. Chauncey now knows the best thing is to hang out with Mom as it's cooler for him.
We have a cool fan in the bedroom (cool being the operative word here)....it's reversible....you switch it to take out the hot air in the day and then change it to bring in the cool air at night. Works a treat!! In fact, next to the basement, our bedroom is one of the coolest places in the house. Regular fans are good, but they just move hot air around and although it feels good to some extent, after a while, one needs the coolness.

So..to add to the mix of all this heat, there is a forest fire burning merrily just south of Kamloops. Last night the sky was orange with the smoke....today is a bit cloudy, not sure if that's from the fire or just regular overcast. I'm thinking that staying in my little hidey hole in the basement and keeping cool is much the best policy at this point. DH is watching the World Cup game and I'm listening to Jacqueline Dupre play Haydn and Boccherini...so my day will be fine.....


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