Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer Evenings....

I have discovered summer evenings in Kamloops.
The last few late afternoons and evenings I have taken advantage of my nice wooden lounger (with cushions) out in the back yard and reclined and taken in the spectacular view of the sky. I know it doesn't sound that exciting...but watching "the clouds roll by" is an experience not to be missed in Kamloops. There is always (well almost always) a wind that grows in the evening up here and sometimes it's quite a heavy wind and other times it's a cooling breeze.....but whatever it's speed the cloud formations that it produces are phenomenal. They range from delicate brush strokes to big daubs of white clouds being chased across the sky by the ever present thunderclouds. There are streaks with wispy ends, blurred transparent mists that glow orange as the sun begins to set, and then there's the big globs of white fluff that gradually distintegrate into various and sundry shapes as they fly by. I sit enthralled until the night descends and only vague shadows are seen in the sky.
Usually Chauncey is curled up between my ankles oblivious to the granduer above.
It provides a wonderful peace with which to end the outdoor portion of the day.


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T. said...

Sounds wonderful :-).