Thursday, June 29, 2006

A circle tour....and dragonflies!!

So we went on a drive today....the circle route...down to Lytton, around to Lillooet and back to Cache Creek and home to Kamloops.
Some observations.....
Observation No. 1
Lytton is HOT!! The Fraser River is very high and very fast....and...riding a cable ferry across the Fraser River is fun!! We went to Lytton primarily for DH to do some research into his aboriginal background....via the graveyard. The graveyard we were heading to was on the OTHER side of the Fraser and we had to take a cable ferry, which, although it seems scary, is really quite neat! After we found the graveyard up the hill and down an overgrown path....we hit paydirt in terms of finding DH's relatives. Many people on his mother's side back to his great grandmother and some of her was all very exciting. The only downside was that because the graveyard was so overgrown, it was covered with that grass that sticks to you with seeds and poor Chauncey (our little bichon) got a good dose buried in his fur. However, we managed to comb most of it out with an old comb we found in the car. It was a hot day too which made it worse for him but he settled down again with the A/C on in the car... cuddled with Mom massaging his back and scratching his ears and he soon dozed off on her lap. (That would be my lap....we are such pet people....I'm Mom and DH is Dad as far as Chauncey is concerned!!) In any case, hubby is now buried in the computer upstairs figuring out who belongs to who and where etc...etc...etc.

Observation No. 2....I don't do mountain roads and if I do, I don't do them well!!
I had an inkling that the road from Lytton to Lillooet was a mountain road....after all it was following the Fraser River....and for the most part, as I was sitting on the inside (so to speak), it was doable. However....there came a moment in time where it was one lane on the side of the mountain... driving through the repaired road after a landslide...and there were no guard rails. It wasn't a long stretch (thank goodness), but it was enough to make my heart leap to my throat thereby choking the expletive "Oh Sh--" that came from my mouth. I mean....there was not a problem...the fellow coming the other way waited....but when you're not the one driving it always seems worse.....and in my's double worse....!! It's about this fear of heights you see.....

Observation No. 3...dragonflies are beautiful!!
After we left Lillooet with some coffee and a rootbeer, we continued on to find a place to have our pickynick that had been waiting in the cooler since we left Kamloops. The fellow at A&W in Lillooet said that Pavillion Lake was gorgeous.....and it was....clear and blue!!! However, there wasn't any place to stop and enjoy the view and eat!! So we continued on to a lake (the name of which escapes me) and beside that lake was a provincial campsite with a pickynic area....Marble Canyon Provincial Park I believe. So....Chauncey and Don went for a walk in the water after which we had our food (whilst keeping company with the ants!!) We had packed a refreshing white wine, but decided in the end it was probably a good idea to stay alert!! After the food, we decided to check out the beach again as we had seen all these flying insects over the water and some loons and the odd fish jumping. seems that the flying insects were tiny blue dragonflies and they were everywhere and beautiful...their tiny blue bodies glistening in the sun! We notice that one was hanging on to the top of a reed in the shallows and Don put his hand up to it and it hopped onto his finger and proceeded to peer at him for some time before flying off again. He took some more pictures of them and got another to climb on his hand again.....they are wonderful!! It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen!! It totally made my day!!

Final observation....I am glad to be home.....and draped in my caftan keeping cool....but it was totally a worthwhile trip in all respects. Our province has so many jewels...and the landscape is so unique. We need to see more.....!!


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T. said...

Sounds excellent!! What a great trip. I can TOTALLY picture you while going over the mountain road!!

We had a great camping trip this weekend. Will post soon on my blog about it (though probably call you before then!).