Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Travel Preparations.....Bah humbug!!

Judging from the title of this blog, one will assume that I don't do travel preparations well.....and they'd be assuming right....for the most part. I love going's the getting ready to go there that I'm having a problem with...and I wonder why that is. Lack of organization probably....although some times I am so super organized that I surprise myself. However, I make plans without taking into account Murphy's law.....(or at least someone's law)..."What can go wrong, will go wrong." ....even if you are super organized. You see, it's all about anticipation. Things are going well...but then there is a glitch....a tiny glitch....but a glitch nevertheless....and so you fix it...but then you're behind schedule and you start to fret a bit....and because you do, the care that you would normally take isn't quite as careful as you'd like. So....something else slips up.....and you get tense.....then something else....and you get more tense....and it goes by the time it gets close to time to go, you think that you don't have enough time to do anything, so you sit down and nearly cry in frustration. My solution.....turn on the TV in the bedroom and have something to distract me while I'm packing, plucking, polishing etc.....and in the process of all that p. p. and p.......I calm down. Then when everything is done, I put it all away and come downstairs to do my blog.

The other thing part of travelling that I'm not keen on is coming home....well...not coming home perrsay, but all that entails when you actually get home. I must say though, that I almost have it down to a fine art....unload, empty the suitcases, put the dirty clothes in the laundry room pack away the clean clothes, cosmetics back into the bathroom and suitcase back downstairs. I even do that for D's clothes as well, seeing as he packed everything upstairs. If I can keep it moving, it can all be done in 10 minutes.

I do try to do things in good time before our date of departure on our travels, but it's a case of thinking I have more time than I actually have....which I'm sure is a common complaint with most people. The trouble with me is that I have to print off something on the computer to take with me, and then I ALWAYS have to do some tweaking of whatever it was, be it graphic, picture or writing, and that takes time....and we ALL know how time flys when you're on the when you emerge and look at the time....ARRRRGH!!!

In any case, I'm calm now....only have bath stuff to pack....then I'm done...and that will be done tomorrow morning. I even had a sugar free hedgehog to cool is that!!

So it's off tomorrow and back on Saturday....and in between some jolly times with good and loving people. 'Till next time....Salut!

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