Monday, June 12, 2006

Why Nuts??

I make animals and fantasy folk from nuts.....and polymer clay. I write stories (as yet unpublished) about these nut people.
I am currently dealing with issues such as obesity, depression, restarting my life after 20 years in the same place, finding a creative outlet among many that intrigue me....and these issues are all driving me nuts!!
So....that's why NUTS!!
But really....I'm ok....just a little wacky.....but lovably wacky.
We had a great dinner last night. I mistakenly ordered asparagus meant for two and ended up eating it all because...well D. doesn't like asparagus....but then he had a mixed roasted vegetable plate for two of which he only ate half. I figured a lot of asparagus wasn't going to do me any harm and it was fun picking it up with my fingers and eating it like celery!! My entree was chicken stuffed with goat cheese, spinach and was sooo good....unfortunately it came with garlic mashed potatoes...and I say unfortunately because I just can't resist it...that's why I never usually order it. D. ordered a New York steak because he NEVER eats that at fact I would venture to say our red meat consumption is waaaay down.He also got a baked potato along with his multi-veggies. we were sitting there, what should pull up outside (we were right beside the train tracks) but the Rocky Mountaineer train....which was cool....and we got to watch it depart after it unloaded all it's passengers for the night. Those observation cars are really a treat!!
So this morning, I was perusing the valley through binoculars as is my habit early in the morning, lo and behold there was the RM train heading back down to Vancouver on the north side of the Thompson River, after picking up it's 3 busloads of passengers.
I'm's an expensive trip, but if I could afford it, it might just be worth it....I love the thought of train travel. I actually wouldn't mind doing the cross Canada trip. I travelled quite a few times across Canada by train when I was in my late teens and enjoyed it immensely.
It's a great way to meet people. Unfortunately in this day and age, it's almost as expensive or more so to take the train than the plane. But..there's just something about train travel that gets to my heart. Nostalgia maybe, I don't know...but I think I would love it. we got our remaining two cable outlets installed, one in my workshop and one the bedroom. Now all I have to do it get a TV/VCR combination for my workshop so I can play videos of different projects. I'm not saying that's all I'll watch....I have every intention of watching programs that I've always wanted to watch, but never done so....and if I have a DVD to watch...well..I have my laptop to play it on. I'm sure it will be a while though before I get the TV, but at least now I'm prepared!!
So this is my second day of blogging and I'm not finding it too bad....hmmmm.....I don't really want to make it a day to day relating of my daily life, more an epistle of my take on daily life as it occurs to me and others in my orbit. That's what will be the challenge. I can do that in a private journal, but to do it in a form fit for public consumption....cogitation before publication will be the key. Until next time....salut!

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T. said...

Sounds like you had a great dinner! I'm glad :-) Looking forward to the visit this week (and getting to open my present!).