Sunday, June 11, 2006

29 years and counting!

OK, so today I gave in....and followed my daughter's example.....I'M BLOGGING!!

Today I have been married to the same lovable, tolerant, practical (to the point of being annoying sometimes) and down to earth man for 29 years. Who knew it would last this long! Family members on his side gave it 6 members on my side weren't quite sure what to think. Judging by reactions on both sides and our kids, we have been judged to be the perfect match. I mean, after all, we finish each others sentences.... how complete is that? that extent, life is good. To celebrate, we have enjoyed the weekend. Yesterday, we went for a drive down to a little village west of Kamloops called Wallachin, on the other side of the Thompson River. It consists of 1 hall and assorted houses, some of which are old, but still standing proud with their lovely yards and old apple trees gracing them. There was one for sale with a wonderful view of the Thompson River, and a good price too, but I figure I'm too old to go back to using septic tanks and wells and .....dial-up internet!! I'm actually beginning to like where I live and have lived for the past year and a half....Kamloops. To continue....we meandered back eastwards and headed up a long road...and I mean Tunkwa Provincial Park, the home of Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes, and a myriad of other small wetlands and lakes. There were umpteen anglers there in quiet little boats with trolling motors, and around the lakes were cabins and a day use area that was filled with RV's (that's where the fishermen came from).As I'm not a fisherperson, I quite loved the peace and wildlife (especially the birds). We pickynicked, walked the dog and took pictures (which I haven't uploaded yet) and then headed back down. We turned the wrong way off the access road and ended up in Logan Lake, so then we just took the mighty Coq back to Kamloops. It was a good day. Tonite we will dine out....not sure where yet....but it will also be good.
Next time I will explain my blog names.....till then...Salut!!


T. said...

Yay! You're blogging!! I'll link to you on my blog!

Happy anniversary!

coramie said...

thank're linked as well....!!