Saturday, September 23, 2006

As requested......PLATZ!!

  • The recipe isn't the original one that I got from Country Woman that was sent in by a lady in Yarrow, BC (I lost that in the move!).....however, it is virtually identical and I have cut and pasted it as posted by a lady from UVIC.
  • I apologize for the metrics...although I know that those of you MUCH younger than me will have no problems with that....I did...... so... I'll let you figure out the equivalents!!
  • She does give you full rein on the fruit you can use.....I have used blueberries, blackberries, plums, apricots, apples, peaches and actually mixed several types of fruit, sometimes blueberries fill in the gaps between the big fruit quite nicely.
  • It fits into a jellyroll pan and when cut into sections freezes great. Travelling offspring and J little bro used to eat it for breakfast do I. I presently have a peach platz in the fridge AND freezer.
  • You can double the quantity of topping to totally cover the fruit or you can use it sparingly...whichever takes your fancy. I have never grilled the top....but I think that's "taste" thing....whatever suits you.
Fruit Platz


125 mL butter or margarine
125 mL sugar
2 eggs
5 mL vanilla
500 mL flour
10 mL baking powder
180 mL milk
1 L fruit (sour cherries or apricots are recommended)

The batter should be thick but not really pourable.


250 mL flour
250 mL sugar
125 mL butter or margarine

- Spread the batter on a baking sheet (about 1 cm thick)
- lay the fruit on the batter
- top with the topping
- bake at 175 C for 30 minutes.
You might want to grill the top a bit (carefully).
- I recommend sour cherries, apricots or plums for the
filling. Apple would also work well. Try any fruit
you like! Apparently the South American Mennonites use
bananas or other tropical fruit.
- Using canned apricots will not give you a good result.
I freeze a bunch in July and ration them all winter.
Home canned, fresh or frozen sour cherries work really


...and feel free to ask questions!!


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