Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New computer...old exhaustion!!

So...we're getting this awesome new computer tomorrow. Built to order it is... with a 19 inch LCD monitor and other cool up to date thingies (as you can see, I'm really computer-literate!! :-0)).
Anyways....we've known that it was coming as of last I've really had a week to sort through and eliminate over 5 years of CRAP!!

We decided to have the computer guy transfer over our data from old to new....but still I felt I should back everything up and/or delete "just in case" and to "make things easier" It was an exhausting process.
King D..... I don't know how you can sit at the computer for so long without collapsing.....I guess it's about're younger and able to absorb all the data and info and spend time looking through things and figuring out if you can do this or that....but at my age....I think I need to do it in 15 minutes segments with 2 hours rest in between!!

I finally got smart this morning and phoned the computer store and asked what exactly they would be transferring over from our old hard drive. Well....let me see....all My Documents....emails....bookmarks....address books....and they will install my email program and browser for me..(you see I don't go with the flow...I use Mozilla for both), and anything else that they think should be transferred except installed programs..... so I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then my mate said....."Well...if you're doing it anyways...wouldn't it be a good idea to just "clean up" the email and stuff ??" This was after burning umpteen CD's of pictures in the High Mat format (which took FOREVER!!) I did some more email.....then said "That's it...I'm done. I have faith that they will transfer all safely...and if they don't....tough toenails!!"

So...we bought a cheap Zellers bookcase for all the odds and sods paper and stuff and we re-styled the computer desk (took the hutch off) and now we have a bright new computer room just waiting for the new stuff!!

And where do I go when I'm finished....???

.........downstairs to write my blog!!

Ahhhhh.....but this is FUN!!


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