Saturday, September 02, 2006

A time for us..........

So......the travelling offspring are safely (if not necessarily totally happily as yet) esconced in Shrewsbury, J little bro is in his new apartment (although not yet unpacked) and we......we the parents....are now preparing to take our annual little R&R in Osoyoos. It's only for a week, but in relaxation years, a week is pretty close to a month.

It's been a spring and summer to remember... in all aspects.....happiness, sorrow, stress(read worry) adventurous and many other adjectives that my mind just can't come up with right now.
However, we made it through and now it's time to take time....for ourselves.....and do what we love to do....which is travel and taste wine and read books and in my case, varied artistic pursuits. We will have our little Bijon Chauncey with us to keep us sane (or insane as the case may be) and so we leave the house and Chloe and Mrs Tubbytoes (Putz) in the capable hands of my dear brother, fill up the CD player with travellin' music and skip town, kicking up our proverbial heels all the while!!

We are planning to travel down to Merritt and then take the Old Princeton Highway from Merritt to Princeton and then through to Keremeos and Osoyoos. A little different route for us as we usually just take the connector from Merritt to Kelowna and then down through the Okanagan. This time we want to just drift and of course there are at least four, if not more, wineries on the Princeton a good time to pick up something to try for our first meal there.

We stay in a one bedroom unit at a nice little motel right on the lake with it's own beach and friendly carp and a huge patio with BBQ's for resident's use. The patio is festooned with fairy lights at night which give just a wonderful romantic air to the night when you're nursing a glass of Gamay on the lounge chair, trying to figure out what lights are coming from where across the lake...and watching the traffic come up from the border. We swim everyday, and walk every day, and then head out round and about to various and sundry wineries, wending our way up through Oliver and onwards to Naramata and around Kelowna. The more northern Okanagan wineries we leave until we're heading home up through Vernon and across to Kamloops.

Sometimes we just stay around the motel and catch up on our reading.....or sleep.....or swim....or whatever takes our fancy!!

The nice thing about going just after Labour Day .... the weather, for the most part, is cooler, and all the people are's mostly couples like ourselves who have the same ambitions as ourselves.....relax and recuperate.

Last year the motel did not have internet access and may not have it yet or ever (much to my mate's delight) if I feel the need, I know there is (or used to be) an internet cafe......otherwise I will be "offblog" for a week from Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend all!!



T. said...

Sounds so wonderful. I wish we could join you!!! Have a glass on the patio for us :-).

coramie said...

Will do with pleasure.
Our home phone will be forwarded to the cell so if you want to phone while we're away, please do.
One day we WILL have that time by the lake all together as we've always wanted but only achieved once!! A family holiday....what a concept!!

Magnificent M said...

I forgot to tell you about a great winery in Keremeos/Cawston called Orofino. Small scale, fabulous wine, the late harvest muscat is smooth as silk, soft and gentle. Their reds are full and not too chewy and their whites are lovely. chardonnay is very creamy with good oak and the pinot was incredibly fresh. Lovely wine maker there too :-)