Sunday, September 10, 2006

Holidays are …..interesting???

So we started our holiday in a haze of smoke….slightly smoky in Kamloops and then progressively smokier as we headed off the Coq..down 5a to Princeton. It was quite bizarre….the scenery had this kind of matte blah look to it….all the same…no depth and the colours were all muted. It got better as we headed from Keremeos to Osoyoos and for some reason, it was smoky in Osoyoos, but the lake seemed quite clear . The only way you could tell the smoke was around was if you looked at the mountains…which were just ghostly shadows and the sun was obscured…..and the moon was bright red. However, around the lake, things were quite clear. As our days have progressed things are a tad better. We actually got to SEE the sun yesterday and it’s amazing how much warmer it was…and just heat….less mugginess.

We visited three wineries on our way through Keremeos….St Lazlo’s…which was a total bust for us, Crowsnest which has improved soo much since we last visited and the wine was excellent. We picked up some Chardonnay and their 2003 Barcello Canyon Merlot. We also visited Forbidden Fruit Winery which is tucked away in the Similkameen valley and has the most delectable fruit and dessert wines. We picked up their Asian Pear wine “Impearfection” and a peach wine “Crushed Innocence”. Both will go well with nice sharp cheeses and crackers….wonderful ending to a meal!!

Since arriving in Osoyoos we have visited four wineries, Desert Hills (1st on our list!!), Silver Sage, Carriage House and then Nk Mip in Osoyoos.

We were disappointed that Desert Hills was sold out of his red wines including his incredible Gamay, so we tried the Chardonnay, which was excellent. So we got 2 bottles of the Chardonnay and he rushed into the back and came out holding up a bottle of Gamay, so we managed to get one bottle. He advised us to drink the 2004 we had in our cellar and store the 2005. We have also been put on his email list to get first divs when his next lot is ready.

Silver Sage, used to be primarily a fruit winery, but now it has included some nice grape wines….we got two of their Pinot Noir and we then headed to Carriage House and picked up a Merlot. The lady at the Carriage House was nice, but not happy about the advent of four new big flashy wineries that will be going up in the area. She gloomily predicted that all the cottage wineries will be history in a matter of years. Oh I hope not!!!!

Our final winery so far has been the Nk Mip…..which is expensive but oh so worth it if just to see the native artwork. We did buy some of the less expensive Chardonnay, which was not bad at all.

So…as to other areas of this holiday…our car has been a naughty Volvo!! Unfortunately we have a history of discharging batteries (three in the last 2 years) and the dealer where we get it serviced can’t find the problem. Well it discharged the third one yesterday and presently my mate is sitting in Oliver awaiting the new one which, hopefully will arrive in short order. Needless to say, we will be finding a new repair shop in Kamloops when we get home.

Other than that….we have been swimming everyday, walking everyday (that’s ‘cause of Chauncey), reading a lot, and sitting on the patio at night before bed. I’m starting to sleep better, it is hot, but luckily we do have an air conditioner in the bedroom, which is loud, but ….hey….you get used to it!!

I leave this blog with a vision I have to share….picture this….. Gorgeous hot day….lake gleaming in the sun….and in the middle of this… a lady…with bleached blond hair…in a bathing suit somewhat on the too small side…...lying ACROSS an air mattress on her stomach…. in the water….with a 4 inch long cigarette in her hand, puffing away!! I mean…..sigh….what IS the world coming to!!


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