Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Home again....

So ....we are home again.....and again I am in the "Sleepless in Kamloops" mode...which actually works well when you want to catch the Travelling Offspring for a chat on MSN.

I have repaired the awful formatting on my last two blogs....I gather the formatting from Word carried over into the blog and I only just figured out how to get rid of it. They now look somewhat normal.

To recap the last few days....

Naramata winery trip.....wineries visited...Noble Ridge, Wild Goose, Tangled Vines, Blasted Church, Hillside Estate, Red Rooster and Lang Vineyards. There were so many more but our budget was waning so we went for ones we knew....hopefully next year we will go for ones new to us. We also had lunch at the Naramata Heritage Inn and Spa in their Wine Bar in the basement...actually we were on the patio.

I won't go into the type of wines we got....but just a few notes on that trip....

We took the route from just before Okanagan Falls up over the hill to the wineries up top....the first one we visited was Noble this least to us. Beautiful winery and view and nice wine. Wild Goose was also in that portion of the trip and across the road from W.G. was Tangled Vines which had only been open for a day and specialized in white and rose wines.

Then we headed down into Okanagan Falls and through over to Blasted Church with their lovely sweet dog who greets everyone. We then tootled down the lakeside to Penticton and through and up to the Naramata Bench. Hillside was the very first winery we ever visited so we paid it a return visit. Then it was down to the Heritage Inn for lunch....sooooo good spinach and artichoke heart pizza with the Lang Vineyard Foch mate had a lamb sausage penne. We then went to Lang Vineyards and finished up the Naramata tour with a visit to Red Rooster (wonderful bronze artwork).

Monday we spent the day resting, reading and doing a few postcards, and swimming and sketching....and the day went so fast. Dinner was at the Wildfire Grill in Osoyoos, delectable as always.

We headed out Tuesday morning (yesterday) and visited the Golden Beaver Winery in Oliver....we just had to go there just because of the's new owners of an old winery.....and then we went to Hainle Winery in of our staples...Zweigelt!!

On the way out of Oliver we stopped at Covert Farms which is actually Pancho's Market up in the hills and picked up some yummy Roma and regular tomatoes for canning and sauce, and Gala apples for pies and some more bread dipping sauce. They also had the BEST Berry Zuchini muffins of which we got two of for our lunch.....with a Starbucks coffee....eaten at the Pyramid Rest Area on Okanagan Lake.

After visiting some friends in Vernon, we were home in Kamloops by about 8:30....feeling rather exhausted.

Our total take this trip was about 3 cases of wine....not including the few bottles we had whilst staying in Osoyoos. Less than last year...but we learned more about wines this trip...which are keepers and which are good for the cellar. I've also got the most recent Wine Trails news and have found lots of interesting infos on what's out there and what's popular. A good trip all round and to top it off, the delightful lady that runs our motel has told us that next year we can stay for a week and add an extra night for eight nights for the price of seven. How cool is that. We just love it there.

So, the pictures I have posted here are of the motel in Osoyoos. I have great pics of the carp swimming in the water, but they seem to want to post those pics upside down and I haven't figure out how to fix that yet. I have a few pictures of our trips in winery country and I will post those tomorrow.

In the meantime....I should really hit the hay.....
....or have coffee!!



king d said...


Ohhh, the memories. I really wish we could have joined you guys again. Well, I guess we can wait a bit longer for Stella to get some seniority and have some say as to when here vacation times will be. We'll see what happens.

Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip. I enjoyed following it on your blog. I do my posts in Word first as well and got so frustrated with the formatting carrying over that I started copying from Word to Notepad before pasting it into my blog entry. (Notepad strips off the unseen formatting.)

coramie said...

Good Morning !!
It was frustrating about the formatting as I was in a rush ("borrowing" internet time does that), but I soon got it sorted. I just felt sorry for those who read it seemed to go on FOREVER!! Thanks for the Notepad hint.
Loved the pic of you and Bastet ....sooo cozy!!

Magnificent M said...

you and I like the same wines:-) love the zweigelt! tried it for the first time this summer.