Sunday, January 27, 2008

The BEST news and stuff.....

So I got great news yesterday.....I phoned the hospital to check on my aunt and found that she had been sent home. I called her at home and she is feeling much better, but still has to take it easy. Now she has help coming in to make her life easier, now she can get back to her painting and writing and now she can concentrate on staying healthy and enjoying her life, her family and her friends.......thank goodness!! It has been a worrisome time but yesterday a great load was lifted from my heart. Thank you God!!!

Yesterday and today I have been trying to catch up on things, but seem to be getting mired down in small details.....ah well...such is life. At least I don't have to make dinner tonite as my bro has suggested we all go out for Chinese food and he will foot the was an offer we just couldn't refuse :-)

But......before that happens, I have some practicing to do and a kitchen that needs tidying up, and a shower to take.....(yes....I AM still in my jammies at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday....sigh)

One last thing... last night was not a good night sleep-wise for either DH or myself...too much coffee after supper I think. In any case, to while away the time awake, I came out and found that the first thing I thought of to do, was......knitting!!! I had some mohair wool that I found with my mom's stash from years ago and a pair of VERY large needles. So I'm making a narrowish, shortish, mohair scarf to wrap around my neck in the very cold weather.....white and fluffy and a very loose knit!! I have bigger projects to tackle knitting-wise, but I couldn't resist the wool!! The fact that it was the first thing that came to mind surprised me......who knew???


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