Monday, January 14, 2008


On this concert weekend, I started driving again.....well actually I did drive on the Lower Mainland for a short time over the holiday, but for actually driving on a regular basis....this was the weekend for it.

I had been banned from driving by my optometrist and DH because I had virtually no clear vision in my right eye....and my depth perception was out the window (so to speak). However, on December 4, I had surgery to correct the problem and though it's taking a while (and will take longer) to get back to somewhat normal, it's much better than it was.

So the opportunity arose this weekend for me to take the wheel and fend for myself, travelling to and from rehearsals. It was a slightly unnerving experience at first. I almost missed a set of traffic lights and I found myself going slower than usual and trying to watch everything. One doesn't realize how quickly a one time regular activity, when stopped for a period of time, can become new and fearful. In the words of someone famous..."It's a jungle out there!!" However, after the first day, calmness and serenity settled in and I remembered how much I really enjoy driving. It was hard to give it up, even though it doesn't take up a large part of my life. For the most part, DH does the driving, but the fact that I couldn't even if I wanted to was a bit hard to take. It just removes that feeling of independence.

I'm sure that DH is happy too, so now he can stay home and do what he wants instead of ferrying me around everywhere!!!

So independence is is sight....and freedom for DH.....and life is good!!


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